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Water Resources Management
BETS has improved sustainable water resources management for last 40 years and has carried out more than 110 water resources management & development projects.
BETS is a leading firm in Bangladesh in Water Resources Development/ Management. This sector has assembled expertise over a wide spectrum of disciplines starting from topographic/cadastral surveys, geo-technical & geo-physical investigations, planning & design of irrigation, flood control & drainage systems and structures, dam design and safety, barrages, weirs, siphons, super passages, spillways, canals, lift irrigation and plumping stations, command area development, evaluation and monitoring studies, cost-benefit studies, economic analysis, social costs & benefits, project management, contract administration, etc. of specific mention is its involvement in the preparation of prestigious National Water Management Plan. BETS was involved in SSWRDP, CEIP, FSDD, CPP/FAP 20, 9B, 3, 24, 6, 21 & 22 Components of Flood Action Plan (FAP) Projects out of 26 components undertaken by Bangladesh after the severe flood in 1988.
Consulting Services
Water Resources Development and Management Planning
River Basin Management Planning
Irrigation, Flood Control and Drainage System Planning
Erosion/Sediment Control Planning
River Training & Urban Drainage Planning
GIS Modeling
Hydrologic, Hydraulic and Water Quality Study
Mathematical Modeling
River/Urban Drainage Facility Design
Design of Irrigation, Flood Control & Drainage System
Project Management/Construction Supervision of Water Resources Facilities
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