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Education and Training
Trainings and transfer of technology has become one of the integral project components for most of the projects undertaken by BETS. BETS education services covers curriculum development, information technology support, policy formulation and planning of education system.
Over time BETS has established a sound track record in the design and implementation of training programs with particular focus on development of technical expertise geared towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Institutional Capacity Building and Human Resources Development (HRD). The major objectives of the training are to raise professional knowledge, skill and improve the competencies of personnel working in industrial, commercial and service organizations in the public and private sectors; to promote effective transfer of technology through dissemination and exchange of technical knowledge with support from international institutions and organizations; to connect via Internet to worldwide resource centres; to organize and facilitate local and international seminars and conferences for creating awareness among the participants on contemporary issues; to initiate research to find out cost effective solutions to the problems affecting the society in order to ease the suffering of the common men and adopt appropriate technology for innovations contributing to better life and living conditions of the people; to undertake publications for disseminating knowledge and creating awareness among the readers for promoting human resources development, social upliftment and management improvement. BETS is steadily consolidating its expertise in education and human resource development and has already emerged as one of the well-known local consultancy firms.
Consulting Services
Community Development
Health and Population
Environmental Management Training
Computer Systems and Data Processing
Institution Building and strengthening
Infrastructure Development
Management and Development Administration
Flood Control, Drainage and Irrigation
Irrigation and Water Management
Water Supply and Sewerage
Social Services and NGO Activities
Women and Youth Development
Community Development
Public Health and Sanitation
Rural and Agricultural Development
Technology Transfer, Product Development and Marketing
Development of curriculum if universities and institutions
Demand forecast on students and estimation of appropriate capacity
Design, construction supervision, equipment installation and maintenance
Software and hardware support services
Introduction of IT into educational tools and facilities
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