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Road / Bridge and Railway
Infrastructure development is one of the major sectors, where BETS is consolidating its experience. During the past years BETS has played a pivotal role in both rural & urban infrastructure development
BETS has been an integral part of infrastructure development and greatly contributed to the advancement infrastructure development technologies in Bangladesh. Road/Bridge & Railways comprise a comprehensive system of facilities to fulfill the role as important factors in the national and international traffic and trade patterns. Consultants of BETS have undertaken preparation of master plan, modelling, designing and assessment. Consultants of BETS has undertaken projects in this sector, which include organizational reform, preparation of master plan, modeling, designing and assessment. BETS also provides services on traffic management and engineering, transport planning, regional planning, railways route location and facility design, etc.
Consulting Services
Urban and Rural Roads
Hydraulic Structures
Urban road, rail, public transport planning
Traffic management planning
Organizational Reform
Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building
Rail tariff regulation policy
Environmental assessment
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