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Water Supply & Sanitation
Millions of people have safe water as a result of BETS water supply & sanitation projects. BETS has carried out more than 125 water supply & sanitation projects.
Water Supply and Sanitation is one of the sectors where BETS has proven capability and expertise. It is uniquely qualified in providing large scale water supply and sanitation services. The firm has provided services on feasibility studies, management and operational support, detailed design, system evaluations, strategy study, policy formulation etc., in water supply, water treatment, sewage management, pollution control, urban and rural sanitation, water conveyance, pumping and water distribution fields including institutional and human resources development. BETS has specific capability in leak detection, waste prevention, unaccounted for water management and improved sanitation. The tally is high by any standard: over 125 success stories in water supply, sewerage and sanitation projects.
Consulting Services
Master Plan, Urgent Action Plan
Water Resource Development
Leakage/UFW (Uncounted for water) Control
Water Quality Control
Pollution Control
Strategy Study
Policy Formulation
Intake System
Treatment Process
Transmission and Distribution System
Automated System
Hydraulic/Surge Analysis
Project Management/Construction Supervision
Testing & Commissioning
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