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CAD, GIS & Modeling
Adaptation of new and latest emerging technologies has given CAD, GIS & Modeling Unit of BETS a distinct edge over others.
GIS, CAD, IT & MIS of BETS has always explored new opportunities to enhance the quality and quantity of services to wider customer base with diverse technological needs. The technology perfected is also available for export. Technical challenges overcome in complicated projects have enthused confidence in the company to see and take up international assignments on a firm foundation. Modern tools, such as Computer Aided Design (CAD), Geographic Information System and Computer Modeling & Simulations are used with traditional ease to the satisfaction of clients. BETS maintains a fully equipped GIS facility. BETS has also developed special expertise in application of CAD, GIS hand Modeling and has completed number of projects in these fields. Digital Theodolite, Electronic Distance Measuring Machines (EDM), Total Stations, Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) etc., are utilized by GIS, RS & CAD Unit of BETS to provide data collection for survey data and soil exploration services by a team of expert surveyors and Engineers. BETS IT expertise enhances conventional development projects with most advanced high-tech innovational elements. BETS analyses effectiveness of available tools in information management and recommends the client for customizing system and applications to uniquely address the issues. BETS has acquired and developed computer software and built up library of technical programs developed in-house. The same is being steadily expanded to cover different aspects in field of water resources, sewerage and drainage, environmental engineering, energy and power, telecommunication, GIS and project management. BETS expertise includes Strategy and Project Planning, IT Facility Development and System and Application Development. Whatever the nature and magnitude of the development requirements, BETS creates ways for IT development to be expandable, self-sustainable and standardized.
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